About Us

Laguna Bay Publishing Pty Ltd

Laguna Bay Publishing has two arms: school education books and trade books (the bookshop market).

Our initial focus was on education and, since 2002, we have published more than 200 titles, which are distributed round the world by companies like McGraw-Hill/Wright Group (USA), Scholastic (Australia, Canada, UK), Marshall Cavendish Asia, Macmillan Education Australia and Pearson Australia.

In 2009, we launched our first two trade books, and look forward to expanding this list in 2010.

We are:

Kaye Richards, Laguna Bay Publishing founder and Managing Director. Previously, Kaye spent 10 years as head of educational publishing at a multinational company. She is also an experienced classroom teacher.

Barry Richards, Financial Controller and Production Manager. Barry, who has headed several international companies, was a co-founder of Laguna Bay Publishing.

  Our awards

 Out of this World series
 UK Education Resource 
 Awards, 2010

 X-Zone series
 Australian Awards for Excellence
 in Educational Publishing, 2005