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Phoebe Nash:
Girl Warrior
Nit boy: 
Lift Off! 
Nit boy: 
Bug Out!

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 Phoebe Nash Girl Detective
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 Lift Off!
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Justin D'Ath

Tristan Bancks

Heath McKenzie



Phoebe Nash Girl Warrior Reviews:

"This is a wonderful novel!" Girl Power

"Just the book to pick up when you feel like going on a wild adventure without moving off the couch!" Little Angel

"Filled with danger, this book rocks!" DMag

"D'Ath does a terrific job of capturing both the spirit and mingled insecurity of a young teen girl... Its fast pace and relative simple vocabulary makes it perfect for struggling readers, but it's also a pleasurable and powerful tale for good readers of all ages, coupling action with deep characterisation and enough plot complexities to keep readers reading until the end." Magdalena Ball, The Compulsive Reader

Nit Boy Reviews:
I really liked this book. I would give it four and a half stars out of five... Once you pick up it up it is really hard to put it back down.’
Bryce (age 11) Canberra, Australian Booksellers’ Kids’ Reading Guide

‘Lift off is a wonderful and funny story ... Give it to your Andy Griffiths fans.’
Jonathan Gosden, librarian,

‘These bugged up books are packed with gags and nit facts that’ll leave ya scratchin’ your brain. MUST READ!’ 

‘The ending will have young readers prodding their parents to buy book number two.’
Junior Bookseller & Publisher

“Lift Off, the first book in the Nit Boy series is loads of fun. Educational even. And guaranteed to reassure any kid with nits that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m starting the Nit Boy fan club.”
Author Sandy Fussell, Stories are Light