Phoebe Nash

Phoebe Nash Detective by Justin D’Ath

A girl just like you can do anything!

Phoebe Nash Detective is a second book about Phoebe, a gutsy 13-year-old Australian girl who was introduced in Phoebe Nash Girl Warrior.…

When Phoebe’s African friend Sospeter visits Australia for an exhibition of treasures from his African home, Phoebe is suspected of jewel theft. Can she clear her name, as well as that of Sospeter’s father, who is accused of shooting a rare white rhino?

‘LOOK OUT!’ Phoebe yelled. She threw herself at Sospeter’s mother, pushing her out of the way at the very moment the gunman pulled the trigger.

A fast-paced story of first love, friendship and mystery.

Phoebe Nash Girl Warrior reviews

"This is a wonderful novel!" Girl Power

"Just the book to pick up when you feel like going on a wild adventure without moving off the couch!" Little Angel

"Filled with danger, this book rocks!" DMag

"Characters are well drawn and the exciting, credible action is aided by the author's refreshingly linear narrative ... The strong action sequences should appeal to both boys and girls at the upper primary level." Russ Merrin, Magpies

"D'Ath does a terrific job of capturing both the spirit and mingled insecurity of a young teen girl... Its fast pace and relative simple vocabulary makes it perfect for struggling readers, but it's also a pleasurable and powerful tale for good readers of all ages, coupling action with deep characterisation and enough plot complexities to keep readers reading until the end." Magdalena Ball, The Compulsive Reader


Phoebe Nash Girl Warrior
By Justin D’Ath
Pub Date    July 2010
ISBN           978-0-9805664-2-0
RRP            $14.95
Format        B, 198 x 129mm, 128pp
Rights World ex ANZ available

Phoebe Nash Detective
By Justin D’Ath
Pub Date    October 2010
ISBN           978-0-9805664-3-7
RRP            $14.95
Format        B, 198 x 130mm, 144pp
Rights World ex ANZ available

Available in Australia and New Zealand through
Dennis Jones & Associates
t: 61 (0)3 9762 9100
f: 61 (0)3 9762 9200

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