Out of this World


A unique collection of 32 science fiction/fantasy books: 24 graphic novels and 8 illustrated novels. 

Graphic novels appeal to students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles.

The Out Of This World series uses exciting stories and cool Manga illustrations to engage middle and upper primary school readers.

The series progresses from simple graphic narratives to more challenging reading.

Level 1 
Eight 32-page graphic novels, with introductory ‘How to Read Manga’ pages, simple panel construction and easy text.

Level 2 
Eight 40-page graphic novels, with introductory ‘How to Read Manga’ pages, more panels per page, and slightly more written text

Level 3
Eight 48-page graphic novels, with no introductory pages, more complex panel construction, and an increasing amount of written text.

Level 4 
Eight 64-page illustrated novels, with more written text than visual text.

Each book also includes subliminal themes relevant to the classroom curriculum. For example:

  • Environmental issues
  • Conflict resolution models.
  • Universal humanitarian issues.
  • Cultural differences. 

Available in:
Australia: Macmillan Education Australia
Canada: Scholastic Canada Ltd
Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Editions
UK: Scholastic UK Ltd

Rights available: World ex ANZ, Canada, UK and South-East Asia