Series 8-10 year olds

Yarning Strong New Release for 8-10 year olds

“Children are not born racist. It is so important to provide them with information and therefore the tools to counter the possibility of negative, ignorant and often plain wrong facts and perceptions about Australia’s First Peoples. Education is the most powerful tool to ensure that a positive and truthful knowledge and appreciation of the Aboriginal story is told.”
The Hon. Linda Burney, MP
NSW Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Member for Canterbury

This latest release of Yarning Strong stories aims to reach a younger audience aged eight to ten years old—both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It follows the same issues-based approach of the Yarning Strong series published in 2011 for older readers

  • Three 32-page novels
  • Three 32-page graphic novels
  • Three 40-page novels
  • Three 40-page graphic novels
  • Six 48-page novels
  • One audio book collection per module
  • 176-page Professional Support manual

What's it like to be a young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person in Australia today? Yarning Strong provides some of the answers for eight to fourteen year old students.

All stories have been written by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander writers, and a committee of respected Indigenous educators guided the development and content of the series.

Identity Module
The naming of Yellow Hair Where you from? Who’s ya mob? The Croydon Park Cooking Club Findin’ our mob Rusty and Jojo
Caught me a wish        
Family Module
That’s what families are for Odd one out Super-nature stars We can work it out Rusty Brown
S. A. M.        
Land Module
A Christmas ya won’t forget Reading the bush Under the train tracks This is country! Tiptoeing Tracker Tod
Crossing country