Top Dog


A quirky, fun series of levelled early reading books, featuring the coolest superhero canine around.

  • 36 titles
  • 16 pages
  • 3 text types: Narrative, Recount, and Procedure
  • Guided reading notes included in each book.

A hit with beginning readers:

  • struggling young readers (especially boys) immediately engage with this cool superhero, and are keen to read more Top Dog books.
  • the funky Manga-style illustrations catch and hold kids’ attention.
  • graphic novel elements like speech bubbles, thought bubbles and sound effects add to the ‘cool’ factor, and give kids the chance to make a lot of noise!

A hit with teachers:

  • the books have been sequentially levelled, following Reading Recovery guidelines.
  • a variety of text types are introduced at the upper levels.
    the inclusion of phonemic sound effects means the books blend high frequency and phonemic words. 
  • each book is supported by a page of guided reading notes.
  • the books have been trialled in classrooms and overseen by an experienced Early Years consultant.  


Reading Recovery



Top Dog and Flea
Top Dog and Mouse
Top Dog Rides


Top Dog and His Motorbike
Top Dog Makes a Go-Cart
Top Dog Washes Zig


Go, Top Dog, Go!
Top Dog and the Robot
Top Dog’s Rainy Day


Top Dog and the Car
Top Dog and His Planet
Top Dog Dresses Up


Top Dog and the Machine
Top Dog and the Octoput
Top Dog Can Help!


Top Dog and the Big Rock
Top Dog and the Lost Ball
Top Dog Stays in Bed


Reading Recovery



Top Dog and the Baby
Top Dog and the Big Fish
Top Dog at the Fun Park


Top Dog and the Fire
Top Dog Finds a Frog
Top Dog Rides Hoppy


Top Dog and the Clown
Top Dog Goes Shopping
Top Dog Went Up a Tower


Top Dog at the Movies
Top Dog in Space
Top Dog Makes Fruit Fizz


Top Dog and the Skate Ramp
Top Dog and the Treasure
Top Dog Grows Strawberries


Top Dog Gets Mail
Top Dog is Lost
Top Dog Plants a Tree

Available in:
Pearson Education Australia
Canada: Scholastic Canada Ltd
Rights available: World ex ANZ, Canada